Wedding Power

Power where you need it ... ... when you want it

With over 10 years’ experience in the event industry we know how important powering your big day is. This is why all our generators are under 12 month old, ultra-quiet, reliable and vigorously maintained in line with the manufactures guidance

But in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, all our generators come with 24 hour back up support for peace of mind However, since we only invest in ultra-reliable, modern equipment, and since we service our generator hire fleet frequently, the good news is that the likelihood of failure is already minimized.

We just need your power requirements, so we can size the generator for you. We can supply a robust distribution board and all of the cable, sockets and install this on site – you just need to switch it on and off!

Why Choose Us?

This helps reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately saves you money.

All our Generators come with an intuitive interface, pretty much all you need to do is switch it on and off

All of our generators are under 12 months old and designed and built by market leading manufactures

We deliver your generator exactly where you need it and when you need it, once installed we will guide you through the easy to use control panel.

Aside from all of our generators being under 12 months old, we vigorously prepare and maintain them to ensure the highest level of reliability

By matching your power requirements to the correct generator we can select just the right generator for your needs.

In the very unlikely event of a malfunction we will repair or replace the generator any day any time

We can accommodate any length of hire